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Writing Scientific Papers in English

This is a 2-day workshop for bio-medical scientists who want to improve the quality and effectiveness of their manuscripts written in English. The workshop consists of a mixture of formal lectures and work with practical examples and exercises.

On the first day, the workshop deals with effective strategies for planning how to work on your manuscripts and common problems with writing in English, e.g. things that make it difficult for readers to understand text. Day 1 finishes with analyses of the format of scientific manuscripts (the ‘IMRaD’ structure).

Day 2 continues the analysis if manuscript structure before moving on to examine some of the key guidelines that have been developed for bio-medical manuscripts and ends with advice on perfecting your finished manuscripts, and some tricks of the trade from the presenter, a professional medical writer.

The presenter, Dr John Carpenter, was a Lecturer in Pharmacology at the University of Manchester, UK, until 1992, when he became a full-time medical writer at a medical communications agency near Manchester. In this role he worked with all the major international pharmaceutical companies and a range of medicines in most therapeutic areas. For the last 15 years Dr Carpenter has been a freelance medical writer and communications consultant, and has used the experience he has gained over the years to develop and deliver training courses for biomedical scientists and professional medical writers.


Workshop will take place on Novemer 28-29, 2019

Venue: Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine, Olomouc, Lecture Hall- 1.09

Registration requairements: If you want to attend workshop, you have to be registered for XV. Diagnostic, Predictive and Expermiental Oncology Days. Capacity is limitid up to 25 attendees.

COST:  5000 CZK ( including: Workshop, refreshments, lunches)



John Carpenter Medical Communications

John Carpenter is a freelance medical communications consultant, medical writer and trainer based in England, gives regular workshops on pharmacology and pharmacokinetics at EMWA events.

Two-day Training Workshop


Writing Scientific Papers in English

Venue:  Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (IMTM),  Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry,

Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

November 2019


 Day 1

9:00–9:30               Introduction and objectives – Why are we here?

9:30–10:15            Planning:

  • Why do you want to publish?
  • What’s your message?
  • Who are you writing for?
  • What’s the most appropriate format?
  • Where you want to publish vs. where you should publish


10:15–10:30          Coffee break

10:30–11:15          Writing in English 

  • Common problems
  • What makes text easy/hard to read
  • Using paragraphs effectively
  • Jargon and technical terminology

11:15–11:45          The structure of scientific papers – IMRaD

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • and
  • Discussion

11:45–12:30          Writing the Methodssection

12:30–13:00          Group exercise – writing a Methodssection

13:00–14–00         Lunch

14:00–15:00          Analysis and discussion

15:00–15:45          Writing the Resultssection

 15:45–16:00         Coffee

16:00–16:30          Group exercise

16:30–17:00          Analysis and discussion


Day 2


9:00–9:45               Writing the Introductionsection

 9:45–10:15            Group exercise

10:30–10:45          Coffee

10:45–11:15          Analysis and discussion

11:15–12:00          Writing the Discussionsection

12:00–12:30          Analysis and discussion

12:45–13:45          Lunch

13:45–14:30          Some guidelines

  • The EQUATOR Netwo

14:30–15:15          The finishing touches

  • Reviewing and revising
  • Proof reading
  • Managing your references
  • Tricks of the trade

15:15–15:30          Coffee

15:30–16:15          Q & A and general discussion

16:15–16:30          Closing remarks